In Edmonton,  home lotteries pay professionals to sell tickets.  The Rotary Club of Grande Prairie would rather pay organizations to sell as fundraising opportunities, however –  the Club expects ticket sellers to consider this as a paid for position and there are expectations as such.  One expectation is all review the training videos.

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Notes for 2020:    
* Purchasers can have the option of having e-tickets emailed (Savings for the lottery!) within a few days (Usually the next Monday) or mailed via Canada Post within 3 weeks.  We hope to promote email only as it saves us substantial money not to mention paper.  We want to encourage this, this year,  “e-tickets only”.
* Tickets will NOT be sold at the Prairie Mall this year (Just FYI)

You can practice a sale by using this link.   You can put in a fake number such as 7805551234 to populate a name.



Video below:  Selling Tickets.  How to, mechanics.  8 minutes

Video below:  ID Scanning system.  Capture data in 2 seconds.  3 minutes.

Video below: Using the hand held terminals to process payments.   3 minutes

Video below – Quick tips to decrease errors and increase success.     3 minutes

Video below:  For captains’ use.  End of day tasks.     7.5 minutes

Helpful documents to increase your success.

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